About Us

Zoo-Lab is a graphic design studio based in north-west Montana, that help small businesses with their BIG ideas. We’re eager to learn about your ideas or any changes you’re seeking. Our approach is highly collaborative and our strength lies in attentively listening before providing feedback. If you’re interested in our services, we’d be delighted to schedule a call or meeting to determine whether we’re the right match for your requirements.


Digital Design & Branding

Bernell is an award winning advertising art director who has worked in the some of the top advertising agencies in the world. In his two decade long ad career, he has worked with many well known global brands, like Pepsi, American Airlines, Hyundai, Red Bull, Verizon and Samsung.

Following the establishment of Zoo-Lab, Bernell transitioned his focus towards assisting small businesses and non-profit organizations in achieving their branding objectives. His areas of specialization encompass digital design, photography, brand identity, and strategic planning.


Print & Presentation Design

Jeanna presents an extensive career spanning over two decades, devoted to enabling individuals to pursue their passions. Her pursuits have encompassed the establishment of online training programs and publications, assisting authors in self-publishing, and specializing in presentation and web design.

She has collaborated with a diverse array of purpose-driven clients, including a Fair Trade jewelry designer, an advertising firm in Dallas primarily serving non-profit organizations like World Vision and Feed the Hungry. Additionally, Jeanna contributed to the production teams at Lively Times and The Montana State of the Arts, both prominent bi-monthly publications focusing on arts and entertainment.